Cerbone Group has an enormous warehouse of door and window accessories at both its Campania and Lazio facilities. The door and window frame accessories have been selected with the utmost care from among various national and international brands, with maximum focus upon research and quality. At the Cerbone Group facilities, professional door and window manufacturers can find everything they need to design and manufacture doors and windows of any type and size.  The Cerbone warehouses are stocked with gaskets, brackets, cremone bolts, and handles, as well as a vast assortment of hardware, including locks, hinges, and perimeter hardware.


Cerbone Group offers a wide range of door and window hardware products. These hardware elements are characterized by their extreme versatility and ease of assembly, and guarantee optimal durability.

Cremone bolts

The cremone bolts stocked at the warehouse guarantee a unique style and reliable construction, and above all are suitable for any type of door or window: shutter, sliding, tilt, etc. Our cremone bolts are also selected from among the best brand names, offering refined and innovative designs to meet all the market’s demands.


Cerbone Group has selected the best quality brackets offered by the world’s leading accessory manufacturers, thus ensuring the construction of superior quality doors and windows. Being closely monitored throughout the design and development stages, the brackets represent one of the strengths of Cerbone Group’s accessory warehouse.


Door and window gaskets play a decisive role in energy savings (above all in the wintertime), while at the same time providing sound insulation and preventing the ingress of dust. For these reasons, the warehouse offers door and window manufacturers every type of gasket in various finishes, thicknesses, and lengths.

Panic bars

Panic bars are critical for ensuring proper escape routes, and fall within the scope of the fire protection regulations in order to ensure safety at the workplace, as well as in public buildings like schools, above all in potentially crowded environments. Their installation, however, is not required for all businesses, and is only mandatory in certain cases (specified by the current relative laws).