Cerbone aluminum

The Cerbone Alluminio project began back in 1975, when its young founder, Claudio Cerbone, was still gaining experience on the market of aluminium and accessories for aluminium doors and windows. Just a few years later, in 1978, he had already established the company LA.MA, which was later succeeded by the more well-known company CE.ALL.

With passion, sacrifice, and years of hard work, the company continued to grow on the regional markets of Italy’s Lazio and Campania regions. In early 2007, the Cerbone Alluminio project took an important step forward with the establishment of “Cerbone Alluminio S.p.A.”, which positioned itself on the market as a dynamic and cutting-edge company.

As of today, Cerbone Group has been a leading distributor of products for the door and window industries in Campania, Lazio and Basilicata for over 20 years. Cerbone Group’s strengths lie in its ample and widely-varied range of products, as well as the technical and regulatory support that it offers for every door and window job.

As its core business, Cerbone Group distributes profiles and accessories for the production of all types of doors and windows. In particular, the warehouse offers the company’s clients comprehensive systems in aluminium, PVC, wood, steel and iron, complete with all the necessary accessories. The Cerbone product range even includes tools and machinery for door and window manufacturers; doors of various types, including automatic doors, security doors, fire doors, folding doors, and sectional doors; safety clothing; domes and skylights; brise-soleils; canopies; screens; and everything else that has to do with the door and window industry.

Cerbone is also a Service Centre

Over the years, Cerbone Group has met its customers demands by establishing a service centre that offers every type of processing operation useful for door and window manufacturers, thus also allowing it to offer high-quality semi-finished products.
The service centre boasts an enormous stock of aluminium, steel, galvanized, patterned, and black iron sheets, all in various thickness. These products can all be subjected to various processing operations, including cutting, bending, and fold-pressing.
In addition to sheet metal, the CSC is also equipped with a plasma cutting machine used for gates and fences, and completes its product range with cover panels, cladding, and various plastic materials.
The CSC boasts an advanced technical department that follows the customer throughout the pre- and post-sales phases, offering expert advice on ventilated façades and much, much more.


  • complete systems in aluminium, PVC, steel and aluminium-wood;
  • hardware for any type of system;
  • cremone bolts, brackets, and gaskets;
  • panic bars, and a wide range of other window accessories.


  • cladding for façades and exterior flooring;
  • brise-soleils, screens, domes, skylights, canopies, and blinds;
  • tools, door and window machinery, and protective clothing;
  • installation products, such as foams, silicones, tapes, and screws;
  • rolling shades, casings, and shower cubicles;
  • doors, hatches, shutters and expandable gates;
  • job management software

Service Centre

    • sheet metal cutting, bending, and fold-pressing processes;
    • profile bending;
    • panel calendering;
    • custom cutting of composite panels and any type of plastic material;
    • solar panels, inverters, and substructures for photovoltaic systems;
    • plasma cutting;