Support and Services Group Cerbone

Cerbone Group has distinguished itself in the door and window industry by the support that it offers to its clients throughout every stage of production, as well as by the services it provides, with the possibility of purchasing semi-finished products or having small processing operations carried out. Cerbone Group has always offered its clients outstanding technical support services, which have been complemented with legislative support and certifications as the industry has evolved. The service centre, on the other hand, was established to meet the demands of the door and window market, as well as to provide all the processing operations that regular customers are unable to handle on a daily basis.

The support services consist of ongoing training courses, component and finished product testing, certification and specialization processes, and marketing, communication, and coordination support for organizing events and exhibitions, not to mention the restyling of the clients’ headquarters and showrooms.

Furthermore, pre-sales consulting services are also provided on the topics of bureaucratic, certification, technical, and design requirements, with cost analyses and estimates, and complete thermal analyses conducted prior to carrying out the work itself. The support services continue throughout the sales process with agent and promoter consulting, a vast assortment of warehouse stock, a fast coating service, the provisioning of the best brands and niche products, over-the-counter sales, and prompt delivery services. And finally, we also offer after-sales support for administrative and fiscal issues, the CE marking, and assistance for completing the annex F document for ENEA (Italy’s National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development).

Cerbone Group also offers a wide range of additional services to cover the countless types of panels, plastic materials, and sheet metals available. Cerbone Group’s processing centre offers sheet metal cutting, bending and fold-pressing, plasma cutting, laser cutting and sectioning of panels and multi-material products, as well as profile punching, perforation, bending, calendering and ribbing operations.

Support and the service are the two key elements that go hand-in-hand with all Cerbone Group’s products, processes and operations.