Thanks to its vast experience in the industry, Cerbone Group has expanded and complemented its product range to include all the products and tools most frequently requested on the door and window market. Cerbone Group has always strived to offer door and window manufacturers everything they need to offer their clients a comprehensive range and high-quality products and services. In selecting the brands for its door and window accessories, the Group always aims to find the best possible value, and is constantly on the lookout for new solutions.

Machinery and tools

The quality of a door and window manufacturer’s products is directly proportional to that of the machinery and tools that they utilise. Cerbone Group offers machinery and machining systems for all types of profiles, including aluminium, PVC, and steel. The warehouse is fully stocked with complete machining centres, single-head and twin-head cutting machines, and every other type of ancillary machine, with numerous others also available to order. This category of products is complemented by a full range of drills, screwdrivers, and grinders.

Safety clothing

Workplace safety is always a top priority in the construction and door and window industries. Cerbone Group offers a complete range of personal protective equipment for use at the workplace. Thanks to the experience and expertise that we have acquired over the years, we’re capable of offering our customers solutions to handle any type of risk. Finally, customers can even request customized clothing complete with personalised logos and lettering.

Domes, skylights and canopies

All the materials used to build domes, skylights and canopies are of the highest quality. The domes are made from thermoformed modules with ribbing and “male-female” couplings, thus allowing them to be used to cover openings of off-standard widths and lengths. All the domes can be equipped with opening devices and various accessories. Another one of Cerbone Group’s flagship products are its canopies, which are available in various sizes and with materials designed to ensure an extended service life.

Blinds, screens and roller shades

As ideal complements to finished windows, blinds, screens and roller shades are considered to be attractive design elements that must be extremely durable due to their frequency of use. Venetian blinds and solar shading systems in general are used to complement windows, and can be adapted to eliminate glare and adjust light intensity. What’s more, solar shading systems also provide for energy savings by reducing energy consumption by almost 10%.

Screen and roller shade casings

One of the most significant sources of energy loss, in fact, is the casing unit, which up until recently has always been undervalued and considered to be of secondary importance. Cerbone Group offers its customers insulated and waterproof casings that are quick and easy to install, and offer exceptional results in terms of thermal transmittance values. An excellent window can lose much of its value without an insulated casing.

Motors and automations

Door and window automations are useful for obtaining better products with simple and functional systems designed to offer practical movement possibilities. In addition to being extremely durable and reliable, all the available solutions are technologically advanced and have been designed with the utmost attention to their aesthetic appeal. Some of the products most suitable for use with motors and automation systems include linear and telescopic sliding doors, linear and chain actuators, window rods and racks, as well as domes and skylights.

Foams, silicones, fastening elements and installation products

Cerbone also offers a complete range of high quality products for proper window installation, many of which were considered to be optional by the average window manufacturer up until a decade ago. When used properly, in fact, foams, silicones and screws can play a significant part in a window’s thermal resistance. These items are also complemented by a series of additional products, such as self-expanding tapes and chemical anchors.

Exterior cladding for floors and façades

By combining innovation with tradition, Cerbone has succeeded in providing its customers with a superior quality product of extremely high aesthetic value. We’re talking about Twinson cladding: 50% wood and 50% PVC, used for both outdoor flooring and façades. It’s a material that combines the warmth and natural feel of wood, with the durability and ease of use and maintenance of PVC.

Job management software

In addition to the job support that Cerbone already offers to each of its clients, the group has also rendered a job management application available to door and window manufacturers in order to help them manage their requirements with each of the aluminium, aluminium-wood, PVC and steel systems.

Shower cubicles

Cerbone Group has rendered this product available in order to meet its customers demands, as well as to offer a more complete service to the end user.