Manufacturers can find an extensive and widely-varied assortment of civil and industrial doors among Cerbone’s product range. In fact, with a vast range of doors and gates to choose from, the end user will always find the perfect solutions to match their frames and fixtures. In order to provide manufacturers and artisans with everything they need to meet the market’s requirements, Cerbone Group offers a large warehouse containing everything from interior doors, to gates and shutters, even complete with fire doors and armoured doors.

Interior doors

Strength and durability, with no particular maintenance requirements. These are just some of the characteristics offered by the interior doors at the Cerbone warehouse. The shapes are simple, basic, and essential. Furthermore, these interior doors can be installed using normal screws or polyurethane foam. The hinges and locks offer ample adjustment possibilities, while the rubber gaskets guarantee a silent closure and can be easily replaced at any time, or else temporarily removed for thorough cleaning.

Armoured doors

The armoured doors distributed by Cerbone Group are built using the best available materials, with each stage of production being continuously monitored. Their advanced technological and safety features are embodied within a reinforced, breach-resistant frame, which is attached to the subframe using steel plates and Allen screws. The added sheet metal ensures greater security, as does the double diverter in high resistance steel, which locks the door securely to the frame in order to create a single body. Finally, Cerbone armoured doors also provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to the use of insulating and fireproof panels.

Fire doors and steel doors

A fire door is a door with a high degree of resistance to fire that’s capable of isolating the flames in the event of a fire. Given their importance, Cerbone Group guarantees the quality and regulatory compliance of all the fire doors that it distributes. Fire doors are used as passive safety systems in order to minimize the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire, as well as to ensure a safe way out of the building. The fire doors distributed by Cerbone are entirely galvanized, with excellent resistance to corrosion, and proven stability under extreme weather conditions, and even boast highly aesthetic finishes. These qualities are guaranteed by the CE Marking and the fire tests conducted in accordance with the UNI 9723 and EN1634-1 standards. Cerbone Group also offers its customers an ample selection of steel doors.

Automatic doors and folding doors

Among the numerous types of residential doors and windows available, the warehouse also features automatic doors and folding doors. Cerbone offers automatic air-tight doors designed to meet any requirements, all built using the highest quality materials. Some of the most popular units are the automatic hinged and sliding doors, even available with lead-lined, or steel, HPL or glass finished door wings, all of which are designed to meet even the most demanding requirements in terms of functionality, aesthetics and hygiene. In addition to guaranteeing excellent security, these units are also extremely elegant and aesthetically pleasing. The folding doors are ideal for larger openings, are easy to install, and can be adapted for use in countless different contexts. Thanks to their advanced technologies and wide range of available accessories, these doors are capable of meeting any requirements.

Overhead doors, sectional doors, shutters, and expandable gates

Overhead doors are particularly well suited for garages. Their operating systems provide for various customization possibilities, thus allowing installers to obtain both simple products and special models, complete with painted and wood finishes, as well as multi-material compositions. Sectional doors are also excellent solutions for garages, as their vertical aperture leaves the space both inside and in front of the garage free of any obstacles. Sectional doors can be perfectly adapted to fit any garage openings, whether rectangular, profiled, semicircular, or with low arches. This large family of closures is further complemented by a full selection of shutters and expandable gates.