The War of the price war is a lost cause

Face every day, you and us as a result, the tension of negotiations where people talk and it is only in price. Who will win this race? Although not a seer, I reply: “No! Not even the customer probably will buy a window bad, bad choice, badly produced and placed worse.” As a good seer, let me give you the solution, a word, a wand, a formula, but I have confidence that, in telling you that the price of the warrior is a warrior defeated forever, I can not confirm to offer you the solution. Not that there is no solution, but it certainly is the end of a complex and full of changes. The item price and the resulting war on the assumption that all the windows are equal and all manufacturers of them as well, then: 1) what my window was different than the other; 2) the professional analysis and selection; 3) how carefully we produce the frame; 4) how you decide to place it; 5) how reliable and assisted in time; 6) such as benefits advice and guidance they can offer. Your question will most likely be “how do I explain all these things to the lady Maria who has a lower budget of my 30%?”. The answer lies in the awareness of its product and its professionalism, but especially in the way we communicate.